Welcome to the Home of the ERASMUS+ project BELVEDERE!


The objective of BELVEDERE is to equip professionals who support disadvantaged young people and adults in vocational training, qualification and placement processes with the ICT skills needed both to increase the quality of their work as well as to empower their learners. BELVEDERE aims at strengthening their digital literacy and provide them with relevant (pedagogical, methodological and organisational) strategies. Professionals will explore available tools and appropriate them to their specific requirements, will describe the use cases and develop teaching and training materials and courses for other professionals from a practitioner’s point of view.


The target group of BELVEDERE is consisting of professionals who assist and support disadvantaged young people and adults (particularly people with disabilities) at different stages in a qualification and placement process. Their needs are in the center of the project.


With regard to the European focus, all countries in Europe under-perform with regard to the percentage of persons with disabilities participating in employment. BELVEDERE provides a platform to identify and collect good examples and to develop further ones, to share them and to develop accompanying tools (like courses, learning materials, guidelines, self-assessment tool) that help others to implement these practices in their context. The European scope avoids a too narrow view on processes and helps to benchmark own approaches against those of others.