Soy Cappaz

WHAT IS Soy Cappaz?

The Soy Cappaz app helps people with intellectual disabilities to learn how to better cope with daily life. This app enhances independence through example (pre-recorded videos). It is categorized into four categories: I need help – Where am I? – My Work and My Calendar.


This app is used to teach tasks that include various steps following a chronological order, as they are often difficult for our participants to remember, so this tool helps facilitate learning these steps. The participants learn independently by watching.

1) I NEED HELP- Helping the individual when travelling about. The steps taken to use the bus and arrive to work, for example. Each PID can have up to three caregivers on the app and if they need help or if they need to access any of these three caregivers, they can via the app. This is helpful when travelling in the city and the individual may get lost or change their route and they may have questions.

2) MY WORK- Dealing with his/ her daily tasks. We teach a concept such as how to use a washing machine, and then, through this app, the participant can try it again using a system consisting of self-created code bars that can be placed near the appliance (i.e.- a washing machine, or photocopier) the individual wants to use. By scanning the code, it automatically connects to the video created beforehand of how to use this appliance, so it creates cohesion and a connection between the previous learning and the present situation whilst enhancing independence. This is helpful, as the participant can use it as many times necessary until they feel they have learned the task.

"This app helps us in our work as it promotes our client’s independence through a visual, easy to use system. This app shifts the educator’s role to secondary, as the participant’s role becomes primary. It is especially helpful to us as educators teaching individuals who have difficulty reading, and difficulty remembering things."




This app advertises good data protection.