¿QUÉ ES InA.Coach?

The InA.Coach app is a digital task assistant that was developed together with job coaches and participants. In the app, work processes can be mapped in individual steps and each step can be backed up with aids such as written instructions, videos, checklists or timers. In this way, people can independently master even more complex tasks at their workplace with a contemporary tool.


1) This app can be used, for example, at the start of a new task as part of an in-company qualification. The job coach and participants can take photos of the individual work steps together. Together with their colleagues, they can record what is particularly important in these work steps and also record this as a text or voice message. This can create an individual work aid that can be expanded and changed over time.

2) If-then jumps are an important function. While analog paper-based aids must always present all contingencies and can lead to a flood of information, this digital task assistance allows steps to be specifically displayed only when they are actually needed and otherwise remain hidden. For example, if a check shows that there are still sufficient quantities of a particular product in the warehouse, the reordering step does not need to be displayed.

"The app has been kept simple to make it as intuitive as possible for participants and job coaches. At the same time, however, it has a sufficiently wide range of assistance for completing tasks so that participants with very different support needs can master individual work steps independently. Meanwhile, there is even a calendar function that can be used to assign specific tasks to specific days and times. This could also be used by company supervisors."




The developers offer a monthly online seminar on the use of the app.