Microsoft Excel

WHAT IS Mircosoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel as a spreadsheet application is able to process a huge amount of data. It is very difficult to describe this tool due to it’s innummerable functions. An example could be to support clients with learning difficulties in jobs where they have to process data, in this instance it t can help to put a smooth process in place for processing this data.


For example if a person working in a post office struggles to sort letters depending on the receiver’s name (names beginning with A – E go to box 1, F-I go to box 2…), a spreadsheet can be prepared, where the client only has to type in the receiver’s name, and the spreadsheets indicate the box where the letters should go.

Another example:
A spreadsheet can help to keep track of something, for example the stock level of office material. n client could receive automated feedback once the number of available pens has fallen to a certain level and the client would then be expected to order new pens.

"Microsoft Excel can help clients with tasks like decision making or keeping an overview, where these tasks are based on data and data processing. Although there are endless amounts of tutorials on the internet, beginners need a low-threshold, job coaching-specific introduction to encourage staff to use Excel as a resource for supporting clients."




The most convenient, but also most expensive setting is to run Microsoft Office / Excel with the paid Desktop version.

Microsoft offers a free browser-based version of it’s MS Office package for everyone, who registers with a Microsoft account. The Android and iOS versions are free as well on devices with a small size. Therefore the usability is limited.