Oculus VR

WHAT IS Oculus VR?

Oculus VR is an app that is used with a Virtual Reality headset to simulate a realistic 3-D depiction of a different setting or environment than the person is currently experiencing. Someone using the VR headset to see this simulation can interact with the new environment in a realistic way, as if they are actually there.


1) This tool can be used to prepare clients for travel training, by allowing them to experience through VR the experience of getting a train for example and being in the train station etc.

2) This tool can also be used to simualte the environment of a particualr job role, for example a barista. A client can then virtually prepare a coffee or other hot drink and have an idea of what the real-life experience may be like.

"We use VR headsets in our organisation to support clients to travel to new places. For example, last summer we went to a conference in Belfast and were able to upload images of the venue to the VR headset so one of our employees, who is autistic, could "walk around" the venue before the event and feel comfortable that he knew where he was going on the day. This helped to rid him of anxietiearound travelling to new places and being unfamiliar of his surroundings. It was amazing!"




This app advertises good data protection.