My World of Work

WAS IST My World of Work?

My World of Work is Scotland’s award-winning online career information and advice service. The online platform provides information and advice for people at all stages of their career. It is designed to support people of all ages and stages, with activities and tools to help identify the opportunities which are open to and best suited for your client.


1) Using the “new skills” tool to help clients identify, record and understand the skills they have or are developing.

2) The CV Builder helps to format information into a professional document and following on from this there are mock applications and mock interview simulators.

"This tool is particularly useful for intervew preparation, with all of the handy tips and tricks and information sheets covering all of the bases clients need to consider when getting ready to attend an interview. The information is presented in many different formats, making it accessible to a broad range of people and ensuring everyone can interact with the information in a meaningful way."




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