What is it?

Canva offers modern designed templates for almost every use-case. (Social Media, Flyer, Logo, CVs, image editing). The great advantage is that it works according to the modular system and you can design by drag and drop. So you don’t have to have expensive and complicated image editing software anymore- you can choose between many fancy designs online and customize them for your purposes. 



Social Media: with Canva you can achieve good looking and well designed results like instagram or facebook posts and storys.  Furthermore, learning materials and CV for the participants can be created.


In our organization, we use Canva for our Instagram account because it gives us good and fast ways to create designs for our posts- without having to learn difficult and expensive graphic ports. The posts can be posted directly to Instagram through the Canva app


Further Informations:

this app advertises GDPR- compliance  in its „Education-Version“

Languages available:

English, French, German, and many more

System requirements:

Browser, IOS+ Windows App

Tutorials/ Learning Material


English (UK)