BELVEDERE – Self Assessment: Introduction (1 of 3)


Many companies and organisations want to initiate changes in their organisations (e.g., ‘going digital’, increasing inclusiveness, etc) and define concrete goals for this purpose in order to then set out on the path. But before this path can be defined, it is necessary to know exactly where the organisation currently stands. This orientation, i.e. the determination of the starting point for a change process, is called stocktaking.

Hence, this stocktaking is also essential in the context of digital transformation processes in companies and organisations. All relevant aspects that influence this change process must be collected and brought together before goals can be defined and the transformation process can be initiated.

Whom to involve into stocktaking?

The target group of BELVEDERE is consisting of professionals who assist and support disadvantaged young people and adults (particularly people with disabilities) at different stages in a qualification and placement process. The objective of the BELVEDERE project is to equip these professionals with the digital skills needed both to increase the quality of their work as well as to empower their clients so that they are better prepared for working life. However, it is not sufficient to focus just on this target group, because the organisation they are working in, consist of other staff as well that needs to be taken into consideration, if change processes are to be successfully implemented. Also administrative and management staff of such organisations needs to be involved, as they are integral parts of the organisational structure and equally contribute to the digital maturity of an organisation.