Plan It Plus

WHAT IS Plan it plus?

Plan It Plus is a career matching tool which suggests different career sectors that match your interests and existing skills. It involves answering 80 questions as part of a quiz that determines what is most interesting to you and what jobs match your individual skills and qualities. For a lot of participants it isn;t easy to know where to begin when thinking of moving into employment and this tool aims to make those early decisions around jobs as easy as possible. It’s easy to use and should only take 15-20 minutes to complete.
When you’ve finished you can save your CareerMatch report to your Portfolio. You can also print it out, and do it again if your interests change. It will save all f your answers, so when you back into the CareerMatch page, your orginial answers will be highlighted.


1) In our organisation we use this tool when we are moving to look at vocational activity with clients to give a basis of the kinds of jobs we should be looking at exploring further to determine the right area of employment for each indiviudal client.

2) This tool can also be used when looking at training/education and deciding which course will be the best fit for the client

"We use this tool with the majority of our clients who haven't worked before or who are looking for a change in career, but are unsure where to start looking or where the skills and experience fit in in the current labour market. It is really useful in shaping future action plans, motivating and exciting clients about their journey into the world of work and helping our teams to plan placements and job tasters- Emma, Contracts Manager, ENABLE Works."




This app advertises good data protection.