STARS (School Transition to Adult Responsibilities and Services) is a website with information and resources for young people and their families/ caregivers. The content is related to the transition of leaving school and moving into adult life. The website stems from a project involving five partners from four countries who all have extensive experience of supporting young people and adults with IDs. The website is broken down into five areas, with a further 16 sub-topics.


As a resource to guide, inform and teach our participants and their families/caregivers about different topics such as:

1) Practical Steps related to money: An important part of being an adult is learning how to manage money. Through this website, we teach our participants concepts such as personal budgeting and understanding expenses versus income, as well as being able to distinguish between things one might want to buy (snack foods, magazines, clothing) versus things one might need to buy (travel expenses, phone credit, medication, etc,.) We also offer support and teach our participants how to safely manage their bank account and how to withdraw money responsibly.

2) Healthy Living: Making good lifestyle choices are important for physical health and well-being. Through this website, we teach our participants concepts that help them to make healthier choices, such as sleep (how to get a good nights sleep), balanced diet (ingredients to eating healthy, the importance of drinking water and how to build a healthy plate), unhealthy diet (the consequence of eating an unhealthy diet), unhealthy habits (we offer information about the dangers of drugs and medicine, smoking and alcohol consumption) Covid (What is it? Symptoms and proper safety measures to avoid catching it or to overcome it safely).

"Stars is a great website to teach our participants and their families/ caregivers about different options and tools to face this new phase in life. Leaving school can be a daunting moment for people with LDs and their families, so it is incredibly helpful to have an online resource offering printable handouts and worksheets to work on and reinforce ideas and concepts needed during this transition. Teaching concepts like money, online safety and potential dangers, etc., can oftentimes be abstract and difficult to grasp, so having a website to refer to and worksheets supporting clearly laid-out points is very helpful, as repetition is key in teaching these ideas. The website is visual with comic-like, modern drawings that help young people engage better with the information, as the content resonate with them and it is more digestible than a format without the visual aid."