Question 14:
Do you have a policy on the use of digital technologies in your organisation?

Question 15:
Does your company have a structured process for planning and managing (digital) innovation?

Question 16:
Do you have any strategic partners or a network for exchange and co-operation in the digitalisation field?

Question 17:
Are projects to implement digital solutions carried out using ‘agile modes of work’ (e.g. self-organised teams)?

Question 18:
To what extent do you use the following tools in your organisation? (use the list as a pool of ideas, but rate the aspect you are currently weakest in)
– Digital platforms for internal information sharing e.g. Sharepoint, Jive, Intranet
– Internal communication via messenger services, e.g. Slack, Beekeeper, Skype, Microsoft Teams
– Virtual teamwork (e.g. virtual conferences)
– Digital planning wall / digital board
– Digital note sharing board
– Digital project management/Kanban board (e.g. Meistertask, Trello etc.)

Question 19:
What is the state of implementation of internal information flows and data handling in your company? (use the list as a pool of ideas, but rate the aspect you are currently weakest in)
– Internal information flows are supported by IT systems
– Departmental silos are broken down through end-to-end IT systems (e.g. employees can view and edit their own data) and collaboration on digitalisation projects.
– Measures are in place to ensure data privacy, timeliness and quality
– Cross-departmental data sharing and communication (‘data democracy’) is enabled and regulated in a context-specific manner (e.g. through technical access, rights assignment and defined, digitally-supported release processes).
– Digital governance is established
– Managers use data analysis as a basis for decision-making (“digital manager”)

Question 20:
To what extent is change management institutionalised in your organisation and is there an understanding of digitalisation as a change/transformation process?

Question 21:
Please rate the following statements about the processes in your company. (use the list as a pool of ideas, but rate the aspect you are currently weakest in):
– Your processes are fully (digitally) documented (e.g. invoicing, accounting).
– Processes are fully supported by IT systems so that employees have free capacity for new tasks (e.g. planning, innovation, analysis).
– Process information/knowledge is available digitally and from any location.

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References / Acknowledgements
The BELVEDERE Digital Readiness Check is based on work developed by the Institute for Technology and Work (in German: Institut für Technologie und Arbeit, ITA) as part of its collaboration with the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Kaiserslautern (i.e. an initiative that provides guidance to small and medium-sized enterprises and the skilled trades in their digital transformation), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Online available at: (last accessed 19 April 2023) in German