WHAT IS Quizlet?

With Quizlet, you can create flashcards, use these flashcards for practice and play learning games with these flashcards. A flashcard always consists of the front, the term, and the back, the definition.
This app is particularly good for practising technical terms from the learners’ everyday professional life. It is possible to access a large repertoire of flashcards on different topics.


1. A trainee is trying out a new area of work. A lot of work is done with tools. As the trainee often has to provide tools to his colleagues, it is necessary that he knows the names of the tools. Together with the trainee, the job coach takes photos of the tools used. In the pro version of Quizlet, the trainee’s own photos can be integrated on the flashcards. The name of the tool is written on the back. The job coach can share the finished flashcard with the learner. The trainee can practise the tool names with a free version.

2. A worker changes work area within the hotel and now has more contact with the guests. As international guests also check in at the hotel, she has to learn some words in English that are important for the “hotel” area. The worker has to ask for room numbers at breakfast and answer easy questions from the guests. Together with the company colleagues, words and short phrases are identified that the employee should know. The job coach prepares a flashcard together with her. The app also supports the employee in pronunciation, as there is a read aloud function. As feedback to the boss, the employee can indicate her learning progress, which is displayed in the app.

"This app is particularly suitable for people whose mother tongue is not english or who have problems with reading and writing. Through the photos of their own company and the possibility of reading the terms aloud, people without reading skills can also get into a practice mode and independently expand their vocabulary."




 The learning materials can be sent to the learners via a link.